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Spring Boutique Fashion

Spring Styles 2021

Who's ready for 2021 spring style? This season always feels like a fresh start; a chance to go through your possessions and wardrobe to decide what's tired and what you just can't part with. The list of spring style essentials is short but effective and includes pieces that will give you endless outfits for spring!

Pastel colors

It’s totally reasonable to associate pastel shades with Easter. But here’s the thing, all these amazing shades are just too good to be relegated to a single weekend in April. What's the best part about these trending pastels you ask? You can absolutely wear them from mid-February until the peak of summer!


Floral Prints

Floral print dresses are my favorite transitional pieces for the spring season. They are the perfect connotation for spring and brings a cheerful addition to your wardrobe. You can add a cardigan or jacket if it's still too chilly out or even pair it with some heels to wear on date night. 

Layering Tops/Kimonos 

Kimono’s are everywhere for spring right now. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, or even as a cover-up with a bathing suit. These easy-going, flowing tops can be styled almost anyway you want to make for a super versatile piece to add to your closet!

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